We’re Shell’s longest-serving creative agency and proud of it. But we also know that when you work for one of the world’s great energy brands, you’re only as good as your last job.

Our relationship with Shell through Greenwich Design, started back in 1967. Since then we’ve created a body of work that covers retail items, lubricants packaging and experiential concepts for commercial fuels.

Our most recent success is the design of a prototype Shell Helix branded workshop, which may eventually be used in 40,000 locations around the world. As every workshop is a different size and shape, this was quite a challenge.

We used our design expertise and our unique empathy with Shell, to create an innovative solution that’s almost infinitely flexible. Our ‘workshop of the future’ concept is being unveiled in China during 2017.

The Chemistry Works is that rare example of a team that combines both the ability to help formulate policy, with the attention to the smallest of details – both the big picture and the little picture in one place.

Tim Hannagan