Let’s go nuts! That was our reaction when Tavern Snacks asked us to design the packaging for their new Chilli flavoured peanuts.

We convinced them that their existing point-of-sale packaging needed spicing and came up with a ‘Taverntastic’ look and tone of voice for the full compliment of Tavern snacks – including that catchy one-word sign-off.

Not content with refreshing Tavern’s nuts, crisps and pork scratchings – we also had great fun giving them catchy new names and tongue-tingling taglines.

The new look Tavern proved irresistable to consumers and to potential buyers, who recognised that the brand was now ready to compete on the shelves of any supermarket chain.

I’ve never known an agency so keen to deliver more than asked. I presented my vision to them, which included making the business attractive to potential suitors. They provided the brand and design to support this goal across all of our packaging, our website, livery and communication activity, and helped us with how we would achieve this financially. My trust in them became a corner stone to our plans.

Barry Stubbs