It’s time to liberate your brand

The Chemistry Works will get under the skin of your brand and reveal your true brand essence.


Our rigorous patented Tri-Mid® system, designed by Strategy Director, Gill Heppell, strips your brand bare; then, through a unique and intelligent workshop process, exposes the fundamental assets of your brand.

Our tried and tested process focuses on the three vital commercial pillars of your brand:

1.The Business

2.The Market

3.The Brand

From here, we can set about restructuring, reshaping and rebuilding your brand using the outputs from the workshop. This vital intelligence informs the rebuilding process and generates a new brand blueprint.

This will now open the door to a fresh, motivational marketing approach making you go down roads you may have never considered before!

Manage your brand and you manage your business strategy. Your brand is the power source that delivers your strategy – they work in tandem. Brands are your engine for growth and profit – how you choose to drive is all about making the right choices. But you need vitality to survive in the market.

Get to the core of your brand. Uncover what really makes it successful and then you’re in a position to define the way forward.

Whether you are a Consumer Product, a Business or even in need of Personal Branding, this works!

The Tri-Mid®

No brand exists in isolation. It is owned by a business, managed by its people and offered to a market to be chosen by its customers and consumers. The Tri-Mid is a model that covers all the critical areas of any business. It has three faces – one for the business, one for the market and one for the brand. To manage a brand successfully, all three faces of the Tri-Mid must be brought into balance.


You can manage your brand within the context of your market but unless it is also managed as an integral part of your business you will find it hard to achieve success. Here you need to think of your brand as a business in its own right.


The market face defines the context in which your brand operates. There are a number of building blocks that need to be taken into consideration. Perhaps the most obvious question of all, but so often overlooked, is to define exactly which market you are in.


What makes the brand face of the Tri-Mid unique is that you are able to define what really matters and why – it also takes you further than other models. Finally, but most importantly, we get to your true Brand Essence!

Our success stories

Brand experts

And it doesn’t end there…The Chemistry Works also has a trusted team of Brand Experts, working in collaboration to offer our clients the ultimate service. 

Simon Wright

As a founding partner of The Chemistry Works, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this unique collaboration. Having set up a design studio in Saudi Arabia and agency roles in London, Simon became Managing Director of Greenwich Design in 1994.

Since then he has worked on a wide range of projects from global branding work for Shell, HSBC and PwC, to concept and development of Start Up brands. He has advised many clients on brand strategy, design and new product development.

“Being part of The Chemistry Works has opened up new conversations for Greenwich Design and allowed me to confidently explore new territories. With the knowledge that I can reach out to our trusted brand experts… anything is possible!”

Baz Seal

A founding partner of The Chemistry Works, Baz is our resident photographer with more than 30 years experience in Fashion, Corporate, Celebrity, Red Carpet Events, and Personal Branding. In addition to regular UK-based projects, Baz receives frequent commissions to the US and Europe and has also been privileged to photograph members of the Royal Family.

Baz has worked for a variety of branding and creative agencies over the course of his career. Now, as part of The Chemistry Works team, his passion for visual storytelling forms an essential part of bringing our client’s brands to life. Whether shooting for large global corporates or capturing behind the scenes at a fashion show, his intuitive editorial style tells the true story – your story.

“The Chemistry Works allows me to combine my passion for visual branding with my creative agency background to provide a bespoke service for clients looking for a different type of agency. With a team of experts who are top of their game, we can offer a hand-picked experience that is as unique as each client’s individual brief!”

Gill Heppell

Gill has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, branding and innovation, both agency and client side, working on brands such as Guinness, BT, Absolut, United Airlines, Persil and The Times. She ran her own marketing and brand training consultancy for 10 years where she developed the Tri-Mid, the strategic tool that is at the core of all The Chemistry Works’ brand workshops.

Gill’s creativity and strategic thinking coupled with operational pragmatism ensures that clients come away from a brand workshop with a concept that not only sounds great on paper, but also translates into a tangible solution for their business. She is also the author of two self published books “Tri-Mid Brands – the essential guide to effective branding” and “Innovation – No Genius Required – a guide to ‘creative toning’ and idea generation.”

“Every brand has a unique story to tell. As part of The Chemistry Works, I love peeling back the layers of a client’s business to find out just what makes them tick. During a Tri-Mid workshop, I never fail to get what I call my ‘goosebump moment’ – when the brand’s true essence is revealed and everything clicks into place together.”

Christopher Saich

As Head of Digital for The Chemistry Works, Christopher puts his knowledge and experience of all things tech to good use. Owner of YCS Digital, a digital design and marketing solutions provider, Christopher is proud to be an ambassador for emerging technologies.

With extensive experience in website and app building, CRMs, AI, VR, AR and digital marketing, Christopher has worked with an impressive roster of clients including fashion giant, ASOS, 3M and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

The science of digital technology is a vital tool in building a bridge between offline and online communications and, partnering with The Chemistry Works and its powerful collaboration of companies, allows us at YCS to bring so much more value to our clients.”

Charlotte Panther

As a communications consultant, Charlotte’s expertise includes PR strategy, copywriting and social media. With experience in-house and at agencies, she now works with a diverse range of clients across a variety of sectors including media, technology, health, wellbeing, and family/lifestyle.

A love of storytelling inspires Charlotte’s work. Her PR campaigns include a strong thought leadership element, positioning clients as experts within their industry. She enjoys the challenge of discovering that hidden kernel that sparks an interesting story.

“The Chemistry Works’ Tri-Mid workshop provides the foundation for me to build a strong communications strategy. The workshop informs everything from tone of voice to key messaging to where and how we tell our story. It helps stakeholders understand the importance of voice even in the early stages of developing their brand identity.”

Mark Maclure

Mark is a founding director of specialist loyalty agency, Stream and has over 25 years’ experience in the world of loyalty, engagement and digital communications.

Mark is a thought leader and shaper, and regularly speaks at seminars in different industry sectors on loyalty strategy, customer engagement, channel relationships and overall performance improvement. Stream run loyalty solutions for clients globally and in multiple territories.

“The Chemistry Works gives clients great access to a broad range of skills from a collaborative set of partners, all focused on adding value and delivering great return on investment. Our focus on helping clients to keep and grow their existing customers could not be more important in this current challenging business environment.”

Matt Wright

Having worked for some of the best-known design consultancies in the UK and for many global household names such as Philips, Toro and Meyer, Matt set up Wright Design Limited in 1996. Wright Design has developed a reputation for designing products that deliver, products that are visually stimulating and well-engineered. The strength behind WDL’s thinking is that a product, not just how it looks but also how it performs, is a fundamental element of a company’s image.

“The Chemistry Works has enabled WDL to demonstrate the importance of integrating product development into a company’s branding strategy, and that an all-inclusive approach to a company’s identity is essential for real long-term success.”

What our clients have to say

Shell Visual Communications

Tim Hannagan, Global Director

“The Chemistry Works is that rare example of an agency that combines both the ability to help formulate policy with the attention to the smallest of details – both the big picture and the little picture in one agency.”


Sarah Calvert

Psychotherapist & Psychosexual Therapist 

“An immersive brand workshop with The Chemistry Works really got to the heart of what I do, which made the creative process so much easier. I’m delighted with the end result – the coloured Triquetra icon perfectly encapsulates the essence of my business, representing warmth, dynamism and a holistic approach to therapy.” 


Tavern Snacks

Mark Johnson, General Manager 

“Having decided to launch a new product to the market, we came to The Chemistry Works purely for packaging advice and design. It was amazing to see the work that went into their development and design process. Having a fresh set of eyes look over not just one product but the bigger picture, gave us a new focus and really got us excited about our brand again. The result was a consistent range of products that appeal to a contemporary audience.”


Cavendish Ware

Adrian Ware, CEO

“I am in absolutely no doubt that hitting the ‘re-fresh’ button so firmly with the team at The Chemistry Works has been the single largest contributor for the growth and success we has seen this year. We are already working with them on the second and third phases of this rebirth, which we are hugely excited about.”


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