Cavendish Ware

Boutique wealth management company, Cavendish Ware, approached us with a loose brief to bring their website, logotype and other brand assets up to date. They were concerned that their image didn’t say ‘wealth’, wasn’t future-looking enough and didn’t represent them in the ‘grown up’, professional manner that is expected of a wealth management company.

Cavendish Ware
Brand Workshop
Additional Output:
Rebrand and visual identity, website design, photography

The Challenge

The business had a careful balancing act to manage. The founders were in their fifties, yet it was essential that they appeal to a new generation of millennial clients. The website was clunky and the logotype was outdated, and the descriptor, ‘Wealth Management’ felt generic – not representative of Cavendish Ware’s complete and personal offering. Their new brand identity had to demonstrate that they were a professional company that deals with complex information, whilst promoting their personable, no nonsense approach.

The Realisation

One of the phrases that came out of the workshops was ‘The hum of excellence’, summing up what everyone at Cavendish Ware strives for. We distilled the brand’s positioning to one simple sentence: “To successful people who value great advice, Cavendish Ware is the brand of boutique financial planners that develops the lifestyle I want, with confidence.” The rebrand had to present a young, contemporary company at the top of their game, whilst instilling the trust, confidence and peace of mind of a well-established business.

The Solution

Inspired by contemporary architecture, the initial designs featured geodesic patterns. Playing with the shapes, paring them back, adding colour and context, and turning them around we found the right mix of sophistication and flexibility. The simplicity of a triangle, rotated to add dynamism and to emphasise key points in the company name, delivered the visual language we were looking for. We chose orange for its fresh, young, radical vibrancy, but used it as a key line to maintain a professional, sophisticated feel. The font was assertive enough to be taken seriously, but little touches to the sans serif typeface made it rounder, softer and more accessible. Finally, we scaled back the company’s tagline to a simpler personal message: ‘Wealth managed for you’ and changed the company descriptor from the generic ‘Wealth Management’ to the more dynamic ‘Wealth Managed’.