Roofing manufacturer Shield was looking for an agency to design marketing collateral for a new product launch. They were referred to The Chemistry Works when it became clear that Shield did not have a viable USP. A brand workshop prompted them to think about what really made the company unique. With a strong positioning statement and a new brand identity, everyone in the company now understands what it is that sets Shield apart.

Brand Workshop
Additional Output:
Rebrand and visual identity

The Challenge

The company had always relied on having a lower price point than the competition. However, in an industry where competitors could lower their price at any time, the founders needed to define what really made Shield unique. Shield embarked on a Tri-Mid workshop to dive deep into the heart of their brand which uncovered some strong insights that helped to define a key point of difference for Shield.

The Realisation

The essence of the Shield brand is protection. In literal terms, this refers to the roofing material, which, quite literally, protects the building it is covering. It also refers to the values of the company itself – a safe, well-established supplier, offering value-for-money, and a service that customers can have confidence in. This was summed up in the positioning statement “You’re protected with Shield on your Side”.

The Solution

With this in mind, it felt appropriate to keep the shape of a shield as their logo, and to maintain the colour of yellow, which already had some brand equity. The next question was who or what uses a shield? Of all the answers that surfaced, one was completely aligned with the brand’s essence – Superhero. A shield featuring a Superman-style ‘S’ formed the core of the brand identity. This iconic visual identity conveyed quality in a way that was business-like, but easy to identify with and formed the basis for the company’s rebrand.