Tavern Snacks

Tavern Snacks approached us to design a new Chilli Peanut product, which led to a revamp of the entire product line. For many years, Tavern had relied on its reputation, but sales suggested that market share was being eaten up by other brands. They needed a brand identity that would bring them in line with their contemporaries and expand the appeal to a younger, more sophisticated audience.

Tavern Snacks
Brand Workshop
Additional Output:
Rebrand and visual identity

The Challenge

A family-run business, Tavern Snacks could trace its roots back to the late 19th century, delivering to South-East London pubs by horse and cart. We had to acknowledge the history of Tavern Snacks and find a solution that the family felt inspired by, whilst making the brand relevant for today’s discerning consumer.  We had to create a new and exciting vision that would allow them to consider new targets such as coffee shops, sandwich bars and vending sites. It was a fine balancing act that required intensive research and creative development to ensure the team were comfortable in the investment they were making.

The Realisation

One of the most satisfying parts of this project was seeing how our solutions re-invigorated the Tavern Snacks team; the re-design became the catalyst to new thinking and new energy throughout the company. Retaining the banner shape of the original Tavern Snacks logo, we simplified it in white for a cleaner, more modern look. The packaging for the range of five products was pared back for a more confident, less cluttered look, with each pack using relevant colour cues with ‘interesting’ titles and bold typography to reflect the flavours. In addition, the peanut packs feature a clear cut out panel, each in an appropriate shape to showcase the product inside.

The Solution

We rolled out the re-brand across all Tavern Snacks’ communication channels, creating complementary PoS, advertising materials, and redesigning their website. The pièce de résistance was our strategy to expand and exploit Tavern Snacks’ vehicle media by taking advantage of a shrewd promotional opportunity. Designing the livery for a fleet of 14 vehicles, each with 3 visible sides, we created 42 mobile billboards, showcasing the full range of Tavern Snacks. This delivered a cost-effective investment in an already well-used brand recognition channel.